Our story

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The quintessence of craftsmanship

ISHWARA combines centuries-old goldsmith tradition with contemporary design and conveys the typical values and details of Made in Italy: artisanal craftsmanship, imperfect shapes and timeless jewels. Every piece is handmade in Vicenza, the world jewel capital and melting pot of different creative influences from nearby cities of Milan and Venice. In this creative and fashion contest, Serena, passionate about excellence, handmades her seductive jewels and entrusts her delicate creations only to expert hands of local workshops that guarantee the highest level of execution and the finest artisanal ability. It is a time-consuming process that lends an intricate, crafted look to ISHWARA handmade jewels.

Never alike, always unique. 

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The heart behind Ishwara

At first it’s a glare. Then passion, study and research. Afterwards it’s an emotion that takes shape and becomes jewel.

“Amor che nella mente mi ragiona” (D. Alighieri)

ISHWARA is enthusiasm and love for my job. ISHWARA embodies the synthesis of the woman I am: ironic and easy, dynamic and curious. ISHWARA is the jewel I first want to wear. 

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